AFP Holds Republican, Democrat Senators Accountable for Opposing Rescission Package

We have long-advocated for responsible federal spending and has committed to holding lawmakers of both parties accountable. So, over Fourth of July weekend, Americans for Prosperity is releasing a six-figure digital, radio and direct mail advertising accountability campaign, targeting senators from both parties who voted against President Donald Trump’s $15.4 billion rescission package.

“The failure to cut less than a half a cent from every federal dollar spent is indicative of a rampant overspending problem that unfortunately often has bipartisan support,” Americans for Prosperity spokesman Bill Riggs said in a statement. “If these senators couldn’t even bring themselves to cut a sliver of unspent or expired funds, how can anyone expect them to take on our larger fiscal challenges?”

AFP will also send a letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, demanding a freeze on federal spending in 2019.

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