CKI/SHRM Study Shows Companies Would Hire Ex-Offenders

Hiring managers would be willing to hire someone with a criminal record if they have the desired skills —a new survey of human resource professionals from Society for Human Resource Management and the Charles Koch Institute proves it.

“We did the poll because we often hear from those with criminal histories that one of the biggest challenges to finding employment is the stigma of a criminal record and the reluctance of employers to hire people who have been incarcerated,” said CKI criminal justice reform senior research fellow Vikrant Reddy, as reported by Fast Company

The problem, as Reddy outlined in a recent op-ed published by USA TODAYis that when it comes to policies about hiring ex-offenders, many companies either don’t have them, don’t have clear ones or hiring managers are unaware of them.

Giving deserving people second chances is an important aspect of corporate culture. That’s why 44 percent of managers cited that they chose to hire ex-offenders to make the community a better place. But there’s still much work to be done to make the practice more common.

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