Connecting One Person to a Job Sends Out Ripples of Hope

Stand Together Foundation Executive Director Evan Feinberg told Seminar Network partners on Sunday that the Network is serving as a platform that unites the most effective social entrepreneurs, providing them the tools and support to break down barriers across the key institutions of society that are preventing people from achieving their full potential.

“When social entrepreneurs leverage this Network’s tools and support,” Feinberg said, “they make a far greater impact and help many more people improve their lives than any of us could achieve on our own.”

Stand Together Foundation is a Network organization that partners with nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs in communities that break the cycle of poverty.

One of those partners is Mark Loranger, president and CEO of Chrysalis, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that for 17 years has worked with homeless and chronically jobless individuals to help them find and keep meaningful work.

“What gets me excited about our work here at Chrysalis is we’re helping one person at a time,” Loranger said. “I’m glad there are folks that are working on hunger issues and health issues.  But our ability to connect one person to a job, I know what the ripple effect is of that.”

Despite working with the chronically jobless and homeless, more than 70 percent of Chrysalis graduates get long-term employment.

“We’ve evaluated hundreds of other workforce programs and over 2,000 anti-poverty organizations around the country,” Feinberg said. Chrysalis’ results “are near the top.”

Though successful, Loranger wanted to do more. That’s when he connected with the Network and Stand Together Foundation, and extraordinary things happened.

Learn how partnering with the Network helped Chrysalis open its first office outside Los Angeles.

Chrysalis is just one of the 115 social entrepreneur-led non-profits that Stand Together Foundation is currently helping to increase their effectiveness and scale across the country, on a trajectory to reach 2 million people this year.