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Fighting Substance Abuse
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Only 10 percent of the 23 million Americans who suffer from a substance use disorder have access to rehabilitation and care. Scott Strode experienced the challenges of overcoming addiction firsthand when he combined physical activities and a supportive community to help with his own recovery.

That’s what led Strode to create The Phoenix, a sober active community that has already helped more than 26,000 people in recovery overcome substance use disorders with half the relapse rates of top clinical treatment centers.

How Stand Together and The Phoenix Are Uniting for Recovery

Now Strode is partnering with Stand Together to give second chances to recovering addicts through climbing, hiking, yoga and other activities that help develop and maintain the emotional strength needed to stay sober. Working with the Stand Together, Strode is realizing his vision for expansion and has grown from seven locations (6 states) nationwide to now having operations in 28 cities (18 states).

“With their partnership, we are now poised to scale across the country and realize our goal of helping hundreds of thousands of people to rise, recover, and transform their lives.”

Scott Strode, Founder, The Phoenix

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Standing Together Is Key

The Phoenix is one of more than 100 nonprofits supported by Stand Together, a social change organization backed by Charles Koch and a network of donors who unite with social entrepreneurs — the people solving the country’s biggest problems — to dramatically increase their reach and impact.

Stand Together and the larger Koch Network are now looking to help millions of Americans heal the wounds of addiction and improve their lives through the Giving Together Initiative, to match individual donations of up to $1,000 through various campaigns throughout 2019 up to a total of $10 million to groups like The Phoenix.

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