Freedom Partners Op-Ed Highlights the Opportunity to End U.S.-China Trade War

Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento’s op-ed on how the United States and China can end the self-destructive trade war between the two countries was published by the Washington Examiner.

In the op-ed, written ahead of the Trump administration’s meetings with the Chinese trade delegation, Nascimento argues that while China engages in bad trade practices, such as intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers, tariffs aren’t the way to solve these problems.

“Tariffs – which are a tax on U.S. consumers, workers, and businesses – are the wrong response to deal with this behavior. They drive up costs for the products ordinary Americans buy, stifle innovation, benefit politically-connected businesses and industries at the expense of everyone else, and kill many more jobs than they save,” he writes.

Better solutions include getting rid of U.S. domestic subsidies and working to solve trade violations through the World Trade Organization.

Read Nascimento’s full op-ed here.