Koch network: We’re rejecting partisanship in favor of problem solving

James Davis is executive vice president of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, and a senior adviser to Americans for Prosperity, The Libre Initiative and Concerned Veterans for America, organizations and initiatives within the Seminar Network, often referred to as the “Koch network.” The opinions expressed in this commentary are his. View more opinion at CNN.

CNN Opinion – Tools are wonderful things. They can be used to tear down a house or to build one, depending on how you choose to use them.

The same is true of politics.

You can employ partisanship to tear down your opponent. Or you can use the political tools at your disposal differently, and build something.

As Americans, we need to find a way to make better use of politics and rebuild our country, together.

That means overcoming the barriers created by unchecked partisanship and its emotional parent, tribalism, or what I’ll call factionalism.

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