LIBRE Tells ‘Time’: ‘We’re Putting Our Money … Where Our Mouth Is’ on Immigration

The LIBRE Initiative is ramping up efforts to lobby Congress to pass a solution for Dreamers – young adult immigrants brought to the United States through no fault of their own. As Time reports, LIBRE President Daniel Garza is getting ready to host five public rallies, following an event on Capitol Hill “aimed at shaking loose a congressional stalemate on immigration.” 

Garza, the article continues, and LIBRE’s network of employees and volunteers work directly with Hispanic communities facilitating workshops several times a week to help immigrants pass driver’s license tests, earn their G.E.D., learn English, earn citizenship and more. But the ultimate goal right now is for Congress to legislate protection for Dreamers.  

“It’s been exhausting. It’s been frustrating. But there’s too much at stake just to give up and walk away,” Garza said. “It’s a top priority for our network. We’re putting our money and our resources and our team where our mouth is.” 

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