We support a society of mutual benefit, a free and open society that fosters long-term peace, human dignity, and well-being. At the core of our vision is the fact that free people are capable of extraordinary things.

By removing the barriers preventing people from realizing their potential and transforming their lives, we help to transform society.

Across the country, Americans are hurting. Lives, communities, and governments have broken down, and some worry our best days are behind us. For many, the American Dream feels out of reach. The promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has not been equally applied to everyone. We have a two-tiered society plagued by a rigged system of cronyism, dependency, and control that creates welfare for the wealthy and crushes opportunities for the disadvantaged.

It’s the injustice of our time, and it has to stop.

This Network is committed to fighting injustice by helping to achieve a society of mutual benefit, a free and open society. The foundation for our vision is the recognition that free people are capable of extraordinary things – a fact that has been proven throughout history. That’s why our Network is partnering with an ever-growing coalition of collaborators from all walks of life, to fight injustice and break down barriers to help hundreds of millions of people to transform their lives and realize their potential… And, when they do, free people will achieve extraordinary things.


What drives long-term human flourishing?

What characteristics of a society give all individuals the best opportunities to improve their lives?

These questions and the answers to them are at the core of this Network’s vision. To share that vision and invite partnership, we’ve developed the Framework for a Free and Open Society. The Framework consists of five interrelated dimensions that describe the ideas, values, and institutions that enable societies to flourish. By applying these ideas to problems and opportunities, we can help individuals improve their lives.


The Framework for a Free and Open Society emphasizes the ideas, values, and principles that best foster a society of mutual benefit and plays a critical role in improving the Seminar Network’s effectiveness. The holistic and disciplined application of this Framework empowers us to solve problems and capture opportunities that advance our vision.

These principles are organized into five dimensions:

Spontaneous Order
Maximizing individual progress through a system of spontaneous order and the division of labor based on comparative advantage.
Respecting the moral dignity of all individuals.
Individual Rights
Securing rights, including property rights, equally for all.
Enabling the open flow of knowledge through free speech, market signals, and a republic of science.
Mutual Benefit
Individuals succeed by helping each other improve their lives.