PBS Highlights Cara, a Stand Together Foundation Partner Fighting Poverty in Chicago

Getting a job is only half the battle. Keeping the job long-term is an even tougher task. PBS NewsHour recently highlighted how Chicago-based nonprofit, Cara, is helping equip jobseekers with the hard and soft skills to be successful long-term.

“The idea is, if a person can hold down a job for one year, they can find a job elsewhere,” explains PBS’s John Yang during the program. “[Cara’s] success rate? About 70 percent. The organization said that’s higher than retention rates nationally.”

Cara, a catalyst in Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program, provides workforce development training. It seeks to prepare and inspire people to break the cycle of homelessness, transform their lives, strengthen their communities and forge paths to lasting success. Maria Kim, president and chief executive officer of Cara, told PBS that with 600,000 people living below the poverty line, there is great need for this type of program.

Stand Together Foundation identifies, supports and celebrates organizations working to break through barriers to help others break the cycle of poverty. It provides training and resources to help them build operational capacities to promote acceleration, scalability and risk-taking.

Learn more about Cara and Stand Together here.