The Daily Beast: How Network Partner The Phoenix is Fighting the Opioid Crisis

The Daily Beast recently profiled Scott Strode and his organization, The Phoenix, as Strode gets ready to launch a new location in South Boston. The Phoenix is a network of gyms in 10 states and 13 cities that supports recovering addicts, which Strode is, himself. The Phoenix is supported by the network as a 2016 Catalyst in Stand Together Foundation’s catalyst program.

“The Seminar Network and Stand Together Foundation believe the best solutions do not come from the top down or from experts that think they have all the answers,” said Evan Feinberg, Stand Together Foundation’s executive director, “but instead from social entrepreneurs, like Scott Strode and The Phoenix, who are using local knowledge and an innovative approach to help people overcome substance use disorders.”

Read about The Phoenix’s efforts to tackle opiate addiction at The Daily Beast.