The LIBRE Initiative and Freedom Partners launch ad calling for a permanent solution for dreamers

Continuing their call on bipartisan congressional leaders to take action on a permanent solution that would provide certainty for Dreamers, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce and The LIBRE Initiative yesterday announced the launch of a new campaign, that includes national broadcast, cable and targeted digital ads.

The ads are part of a broader seven-figure campaign that is intended to drive action in Washington, and challenge lawmakers in both parties to come together and reach a permanent solution for the Dreamers.

Reactions in the press:

WTAS: “Their latest ad campaign could be the driving force toward clinching an immigration deal.”

Politico: “Frustrated with inaction over immigration reform, the Kochs brothers’ political network is launching a seven-figure ad campaign aimed at restarting frozen bipartisan talks to help protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.” (Politico, 4/17/18)

“…there is no apparent movement on Capitol Hill or the White House. The Koch network is mounting a sustained campaign to make sure that changes.” (Politico, 4/17/18)

CBS News: “This ad marks just the latest push from the Koch network for a legislative solution…” (CBS News, 4/17/18)

Wall Street Journal: “The ads are aimed at prompting congressional leaders to think twice before running out the clock on the remainder of the legislative year without trying to tackle immigration again.” (Wall Street Journal, 4/17/18)

Axios: “The Koch Network, which has been vocal about its frustration with lawmakers’ failure to find a DACA fix, is hugely influential…Their latest ad campaign could be the driving force toward clinching an immigration deal.” (Axios, 4/17/18)

NBC News: “The ad by the LIBRE Initiative and Freedom Partners strikes a bipartisan tone…” (NBC News, 4/17/18)

Business Insider: “The revamped effort by the Koch-supported groups shows that the issue is not going away and still has strong financial backing moving forward.” (Business Insider, 4/17/18)