Uniting Lawmakers from Both Parties to Advance Policies that Help People Improve Their Lives

NBC News and The Raleigh News & Observer have shined a spotlight on the strategic emphasis of various organizations within The Seminar Network, who are working with lawmakers from both parties to advance policies that will address long-standing barriers holding people back.

NBC reported on Americans for Prosperity’s bipartisan Thanksgiving mail and digital ad campaign to thank lawmakers who are working to promote criminal justice reform, relief for Dreamers, free trade, and the curbing of government spending. A major part of the campaign were ads thanking both Republican and Democratic lawmakers for their support of the FIRST STEP Act, which was recently signed into law by President Donald Trump. The ads also encourage others to get behind the landmark criminal justice reform bill.

The News & Observer highlighted Americans for Prosperity’s North Carolina chapter for thanking U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis for his support for immigration reforms, and U.S. Reps. Mark Walker, Mark Meadows, and Ted Budd, for their efforts to limit unsustainable government spending from both parties that is threatening to diminish opportunities for future generations.

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